Our customer base is very broad from Multi Nationals to start up entrepreneurs. Manufacturing single or batch size of components of one kind or another. Materials may also vary from ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic and even the exotic.

In addition we can offer advice, value engineering the component and marrying design with its manufacturer. In addition to making the component we can also arrange other services as required.


Usually a requirement for aluminium parts available in natural or coloured.

Zinc Plating

When required for mild steel

Heat Treatment

Be it stress relieving or hardening and tempering

Deep Hole Drilling

For accurate long holes

Electro Discharge Machining

For those parts requiring accurate forms


Single component manufacture is one of our strengths

Product Assembly

Our sister company CR Manufacturing Ltd is well acquainted with product assembly

Powder Coating

To your requirement

The company is registered for ISO 9001 and with it’s dedicated staff ensure that quality is a high priority.

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